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Wedding Memento for your Bouquet Preservation Artwork

Here’s some ideas on including a wedding memento in your bouquet preservation artwork.

Just like with anything, there are purists who want their bouquet preservation artwork to be JUST their flowers. And we’re all for that! But, we love spicing it up with your personal and treasured items from your special day. There is no right or wrong way to do this! 

Wedding Memento Ideas:

Garters. Custom coasters. Pins. Hair pieces. Lace from mothers wedding gown. Lace from brides gown. Lockets. Cake toppers. Stamps. Wax seals. Little figurines. Keys. Brooches. Belt from wedding gown. Feathers. Matchbooks. Lockets. Newspaper article. Wine corks. Handkerchiefs. Bracelet. Sea shells. Pictures. Fabric or wooden flowers from some design element at the wedding. Fabric from bridesmaids dress. Fabric from tablecloth. Tulle from dress. Horseshoe. Sketch of wedding dress. Kippuh. Rope or knot significant from wedding. Cross. And yes, even a handbag.


The images below are a small sampling of different of designs including wedding memento pieces we’ve included for clients in their bouquet preservation artwork. So, take a look through, and see which items you can spot in these images! 



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