custom floral preservation art & design

Taylor D.

Though we love what we do – bouquet preservation – working with super enthusiastic, excited clients makes it all the more enjoyable. And Taylor ranked on the top of that list! She was energetic, fun, and really engaged in the design process with us. She shipped her fresh bouquet to us, and though it was in fairly good condition, there was a bit of browning and a few lost petals – but no worries, we got to work in starting the process the moment we opened the package. Within about 5 weeks, once the flowers were dried, we started on design. She provided us with an invitation, though ultimately didn’t want to use it as a main design element, so instead, we cut it into little leaves for accents in the design. After sending Taylor a draft layout of her flowers, she had the great idea of contacting her linen company for a piece of the tablecloths from the wedding – and they obliged. Well, we couldn’t have been more thrilled when the fabric arrived, because it really took the whole design to another level! Check it out! These images represent the process from start, to draft(s), to final piece.