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Memento Floral Preservation in Mini Box

We’re now offering a new mini-box as a perfect memento floral preservation piece.

For the past couple years, we’ve created floral preservation designs in full size shadow boxes.  We’ve been fortunate to have our shadow boxes  built to our specifications by a local carpenter in New Jersey. Our standard sizes are 10″x10″, 12″x12″, or 11″x14″.  However, clients wanting a smaller, memento floral preservation piece opted for our glass ornaments.

The ornaments didn’t fulfill all we, and our clients, were looking for in a smaller memento sized vessel. After lots of conversations, and some trial runs, Jeff, our carpenter, created our new Willow Boxes! We’re super excited! 

These little boxes can showcase a few flowers to represent your special day. This makes for a perfect gift to the mother of the bride or groom, or as this image shows, the FATHER of the bride!! He wanted to have his boutonniere from his daughters wedding preserved with a  sweet picture of the two of them. Almost too sweet for words! 

With little feet on the bottom, these boxes would love great sitting on a mantle or end table as a wonderful reminder of a special day! 


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We’re offering the Willow Box in BLACK, WHITE, or BROWN. They are $140 per box. Check them out here.