custom floral preservation art & design

Stephanie K.


Stephanie’s bride’s maids wore turquoise dresses, and Scott, the groom, wore turquoise tie at the wedding. For Stephanie’s collection, we wanted to use turquoise as an accent color to give more detailed special touch. Thoughtful composition with her wedding invitation and the careful use of colors made the artwork more meaningful.  

Sara H.


This special Elements Collection for Sara has some detailed touches. When we received the bridal bouquet along with the wedding invitation, we immediately saw a beautiful ombre of color on her wedding invitation. That being our point of design inspiration, we made a decision to carry out the color gradient onto the flowers. 

Jenn L.


We transformed Jenn’s beautiful bridal bouquet into a collection that resembled her round-shaped bouquet while preserving its color scheme. Also, Jenn’s sister was her Maid of Honor, and she wanted to give her sister a little memorable gift. So the flowers from the Maid of Honor bouquet got preserved into our Darling Collection as a precious gift. 

Photo Credit to Tyler Boye Photography

Erin L.


While Erin decided to preserve her bridal bouquet in a traditional way, she contacted us so that she can preserve her bride’s maid bouquet a Hanawillow style. The flowers were beautifully preserved and the bright orange-red color scheme made a beautiful wrath. 

Photo Credit to AMP Studios

Mara N.


Mara’s bridal bouquet was specially designed with star-shaped elements from her grandmother’s wedding veil. Because the element has a special meaning to her, we wanted to design the collection with the elements in it. We managed to create a beautifully designed collection box that reflected the legacy of Mara’s family.