custom floral preservation art & design

Sara H.


Happy New Year!! We hope you best of wishes and love in the year 2016!

The first collection that we want to introduce on the blog in this new year is a collection box that was a special gift from Aribella Events to their client Sara. As Sarah used horseshoe as a special element for her wedding, we added a horseshoe in her collection along with the flowers from her bridal bouquet. Lots of detail and thoughtfully designed collection box reflects Sara’s special day and the love. 

Kate L.


Inspired by Kate’s wedding ceremony decoration, where she used light bulb as a hanging vase, we designed Kate’s preservation collection box with some special details. From the detailed photo you can see mini light bulbs that we used as a decoration elements. This cute little detail gives personal touches. And we love providing those details. 

Sarah P.


Addition to her bridal bouquet and a wedding invitation, Sara wanted to place the ring barrel pouch, and the keys that she used as a place card in the collection. The specially designed collection box with the precious elements made this project much more meaningful and personal. 

Lindsay H.


Beautifully designed collection box for Lindsay has a special touch. We found the fabric that wrapped the bridal bouquet as an element that can be utilized to decorate the preserved flowers. By adding sparkling touches, we turned the fabric into a round ball and used as a center of re-created roses. 

Kesi C.


Kesi had a special wedding announcement featured in The New York Times. And she definitely wanted to have that piece along with her wedding invitation and wedding flowers in her Element Collection box. We managed to beautifully design the collection box for Kesi that reflects her special day.