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Wedding Memento for your Bouquet Preservation Artwork


Here’s some ideas on including a wedding memento in your bouquet preservation artwork.

Just like with anything, there are purists who want their bouquet preservation artwork to be JUST their flowers. And we’re all for that! But, we love spicing it up with your personal and treasured items from your special day. There is no right or wrong way to do this! 

Wedding Memento Ideas:

Garters. Custom coasters. Pins. Hair pieces. Lace from mothers wedding gown. Lace from brides gown. Lockets. Cake toppers. Stamps. Wax seals. Little figurines. Keys. Brooches. Belt from wedding gown. Feathers. Matchbooks. Lockets. Newspaper article. Wine corks. Handkerchiefs. Bracelet. Sea shells. Pictures. Fabric or wooden flowers from some design element at the wedding. Fabric from bridesmaids dress. Fabric from tablecloth. Tulle from dress. Horseshoe. Sketch of wedding dress. Kippuh. Rope or knot significant from wedding. Cross. And yes, even a handbag.


The images below are a small sampling of different of designs including wedding memento pieces we’ve included for clients in their bouquet preservation artwork. So, take a look through, and see which items you can spot in these images! 



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Memento Floral Preservation in Mini Box


We’re now offering a new mini-box as a perfect memento floral preservation piece.

For the past couple years, we’ve created floral preservation designs in full size shadow boxes.  We’ve been fortunate to have our shadow boxes  built to our specifications by a local carpenter in New Jersey. Our standard sizes are 10″x10″, 12″x12″, or 11″x14″.  However, clients wanting a smaller, memento floral preservation piece opted for our glass ornaments.

The ornaments didn’t fulfill all we, and our clients, were looking for in a smaller memento sized vessel. After lots of conversations, and some trial runs, Jeff, our carpenter, created our new Willow Boxes! We’re super excited! 

These little boxes can showcase a few flowers to represent your special day. This makes for a perfect gift to the mother of the bride or groom, or as this image shows, the FATHER of the bride!! He wanted to have his boutonniere from his daughters wedding preserved with a  sweet picture of the two of them. Almost too sweet for words! 

With little feet on the bottom, these boxes would love great sitting on a mantle or end table as a wonderful reminder of a special day! 


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We’re offering the Willow Box in BLACK, WHITE, or BROWN. They are $140 per box. Check them out here.


BHLDN Conservatory Envelope Holder for Bouquet Preservation


We create lots of Bouquet Preservation Artwork in our custom shadow boxes. Ours are hand made by a local carpenter, and pretty great! However, we also love getting to preserve and design clients flowers in all sorts of vessels! And one great option that’s become popular is the BHLDN Conservatory Envelope Holder.

Clients seem to love using this envelope holder at their wedding. And what better way to repurpose it then to have your Bouquet Preservation Artwork built in it?!  We think this is just brilliant.

Design fee for this vessel is $350. You provide us with the BHLDN Conservatory Envelope Holder and your flowers after the wedding, and we turn it into a floral terrarium for you to enjoy long after your wedding day!

Of course, if you used another terrarium, lantern, or vessel within your wedding design that you’d like us to preserve your flowers in, let us know! We love new ideas and designs!

Allow us to create your Bouquet Preservation Artwork in this great vessel – or another! 

Taylor D.


Though we love what we do – bouquet preservation – working with super enthusiastic, excited clients makes it all the more enjoyable. And Taylor ranked on the top of that list! She was energetic, fun, and really engaged in the design process with us. She shipped her fresh bouquet to us, and though it was in fairly good condition, there was a bit of browning and a few lost petals – but no worries, we got to work in starting the process the moment we opened the package. Within about 5 weeks, once the flowers were dried, we started on design. She provided us with an invitation, though ultimately didn’t want to use it as a main design element, so instead, we cut it into little leaves for accents in the design. After sending Taylor a draft layout of her flowers, she had the great idea of contacting her linen company for a piece of the tablecloths from the wedding – and they obliged. Well, we couldn’t have been more thrilled when the fabric arrived, because it really took the whole design to another level! Check it out! These images represent the process from start, to draft(s), to final piece. 


Meghan L.


Meghan had a beautiful garland as a ceremony decoration. We were very much inspired by it, so we wanted to create a collection box rearranging flowers from the bridal bouquet to shape like a garland. Challenge here was to adding succulent that were part of her bouquet. Succulent is a plant that is very difficult to preserve, however because we still wanted to have the piece, we made the plant out of paper. Scroll down to see how beautifully the succulents were re-created, and made the collection box a one great piece of work.