custom floral preservation art & design

BHLDN Conservatory Envelope Holder for Bouquet Preservation

We create lots of Bouquet Preservation Artwork in our custom shadow boxes. Ours are hand made by a local carpenter, and pretty great! However, we also love getting to preserve and design clients flowers in all sorts of vessels! And one great option that’s become popular is the BHLDN Conservatory Envelope Holder.

Clients seem to love using this envelope holder at their wedding. And what better way to repurpose it then to have your Bouquet Preservation Artwork built in it?!  We think this is just brilliant.

Design fee for this vessel is $350. You provide us with the BHLDN Conservatory Envelope Holder and your flowers after the wedding, and we turn it into a floral terrarium for you to enjoy long after your wedding day!

Of course, if you used another terrarium, lantern, or vessel within your wedding design that you’d like us to preserve your flowers in, let us know! We love new ideas and designs!

Allow us to create your Bouquet Preservation Artwork in this great vessel – or another!