bouquet preservation & alternative floral art

our garden

Our Alternative Floral Art line offers a distinct and stunning unconventional route to your wedding floral choices. What sets us apart from other non-traditional floral designers is our ensemble of elements in each and every piece! 

Artistically designed with components of fabric, paper, metal, and any other awesome, fun elements we get our hands on, these creations will reveal a slice of your unique vision and approach to life, love, and beauty! Testify to who you are with a design so innovative and creative it screams, well, you!



floral crowns

Like any artist, we are continually building our collection of work! That means, if you don’t see something you want, just ask! We also offer floral wands, which are perfect for a flower girl or as a very simple bridesmaid bouquet, and small table centerpieces.

Additionally, for our clients located in the Philadelphia region, we offer rentals which include flower walls and ceiling installations.

product photography credit: Lindsay Docherty Photography