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alternative floral art process

Call us. Email us. Let’s get started!

Whether you’re confident in taking this alternative direction with your wedding florals, or need to hash it out, we’re ready! The first step is to get to know each other a bit….or a lot! We want to know what rocks your world.

Of course the key points to start with are your color palette, wedding location, dress style, and decor elements. We’ll design a piece that compliments your wedding vision, all the while being an essential foundation of the overall wedding design.

Our creative team is able to offer bride’s of all types a look that suites them perfectly.  Design options range from a classic and traditional look to all out funk! We love simplicity and elegance, but we also love the crazy and wild.

For clients in the Philadelphia area, we can offer in-person consultations. However, we’d love to FaceTime or Skype with out of state clients. Seeing one another “in person” can really help in developing a true sense of style and needs.

We typically need a minimum of 8 weeks to build your order from the point of finalizing details. But get in touch as early as you’d like!